I will help your organization innovate and deliver

Have launched numerous technology products and led cross-functional teams. Have been a part of some remarkable technology and business growth success stories (as well as some misfires).
I work for Globant, a 6,200 person NYSE Public Company that has received several awards and recognitions, and has been the subject of business-school case studies on entrepreneurship at MIT, Harvard and Stanford. Globant boosts our clients digital experience by ideating and creating the most innovative software products leveraging emerging technologies and trends. It’s the place where innovation, design and engineering meet scale.

Most importantly, I can help your company significantly grow – often by a factor of 10X.


Expand the thinking of what’s possible. Recombine what exists into something entirely new. Make it a habit to generate lots of ideas. Be inspired – you’re shepherding something important into the future.


Know this – it’s hard work. You’re forging a new creation. If you want to build something really great everything matters. Collaborate intensely. Sweat the details. Continually ask how to improve the work.


The difference between success and oblivion. Pick your market, What does your product or service hugely change? Compellingly and convincingly tell the story. Overwhelm them with quality and beauty.


What does success look like? How will you go from point A to point B, and beyond? Your stragety allows you to remain nimble, yet deploy your resources for maximum gain.

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